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Sur les pas de Cezanne - Photo Jean-Claude Carbone

Cézanne’s footsteps

"When I was in Aix, I thought I would be better off elsewhere. Now that I'm here, I regret Aix... when one is born there, that's it, nothing else appeals."

(Letter to Philippe Solari, Tailloires, 23rd July 1896).

By the trail

Follow Cézanne’s footsteps indicated by the trail of studs.

A stroll around the streets of Aix invites you to discover the areas and quarters in which Cezanne lived. The Tourist Office offers a detailed brochure with a pedestrian itinerary of the heart of the town.

"Nails" with the initial "C" punctuate the circuit, from his native home to the last address of the painter at 23, rue Boulegon.


Aix, Cézanne' town Aix ville de Cezanne

Sur les pas de Cezanne


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